5th September 2005
NEW Game Pages - Six worldleaders are being held to ransom in Crax Bloodfinger's fortress. There's only one man for the job - send in Joe Blade! Plus, ghostly encounters as you rid four buildings of their Phantom menace!
Added the A1 re-release cover for Electric Starfish.

30th June 2005
Yes winter is finally over for AtariCave as we come out of a long hibernation for another update!
NEW Game Pages - It's time to tee off with Sunday Golf; explore the caves of the planet Hesikos in Cavern Commander; compete in the car race of the future in Death Race and construct reservoirs on the planet Thule, but beware the giant, deadly Electric Starfish.

21st February 2005

NEW Game Pages - Go alien herding in One Man and his Droid; travel through history in The Time Machine and locate the Golden Egg in The Maltese Chicken.

22nd December 2004
Well it's that time of year again! Bring back those memories of Christmas past and remember those Atari games you excitedly unwrapped on Christmas morning!

NEW Game Pages - Check out the dancing archer in Forbidden Forest!; Look cool and fight like a Ninja; Save humanity from the evil aliens in Excelsor; and help Father Christmas (Santa Claus) deliver his gifts in Special Delivery!
Updated Cannibals review with new information regarding Space Panic (Special Thanks to the knowledgeable Shannon of the AtariAge forums for this!).
Included information for the Atari 1200XL, which was erroneously omitted from the About Atari 8-Bit section.
Added alternative cover releases for Airwolf, Attack of the Mutant Camels and Bruce Lee.

11th October 2004

The Atari Cave website is launched! All categories, except RPG, Simulator, Strategy and Other are open with over a dozen games listed.