23rd February 2006
NEW Game Pages - Fly away in my beautiful balloon in Up Up and Away. Plus, turn on the lunar landing pad lights in preparation for the Federal Chief's state visit, but beware the invading Moronians in Cuthbert Goes Walkabout!

Welcome to Atari Cave - a website devoted to the Atari 8-Bit Computers that were first introduced to homes in the 1980s and still have a strong following today. Probably one of the main uses of the computer was for playing computer games and it is this section of the format that I shall concentrate on in this site.

There are already many Atari related sites providing Emulators and ROMs, but very few providing cover scans, screenshots, maps, reviews, hints and solutions. Atari Cave is segmented into a variety of game categories that can be found in the menu on the left handside of the screen (note: click the AtariCave logo at the top if you cannot see the webmenu). There is also a handy A-Z drop-down menu, which allows you to go directly to a particular game page.

My main goal is for Atari Cave to be an as-near complete guide to the vast array of games that were released via the cassette, cartridge and disk based media for the Atari 8-bit computers. For each title I will include (where possible) Box scans, Original Manual Instructions, Screenshots, Hints/Solutions and Reviews. Obviously this kind of project will take years to complete, but with 3 reviewers we shall endeavour to add something new to the site each month. Please email any suggestions or comments using the link at the bottom of the webmenu.

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