[Creative Sparks]
Programming: Dalali Software Ltd

Cover Artist:
Blake Sears

(Text from Rear of Cassette label):
Jingle Bells - Jingle Bells
Its the happy sound of Santa Claus on his merry way delivering presents to all the excited children who have waited patiently for this special night.
But what chaos as Santa awakens to find that he only has five hours to deliver his presents and worst of all he hasn't enough to go round.
Santa has enlisted the help of his helpers who are supplying extra presents and you, to guide his sleigh through the sky avoiding clouds and picking up presents as you go.
Then help guide Santa onto the roof tops, down the chimney and then finally place the present underneath the christmas tree.


REVIEW by AtariGrub

"It's the season to be jolly, la-la-la-la-la, la-la, la-la!" Yes, its that time of year where a large, white-bearded man dresses in red (thanks to Coca-Cola!) and delivers presents to all the good boys and girls around the world. Unfortunately this year Santa Claus (Father Christmas) has over slept (after one to many brandies no doubt!) and only has five hours left to deliver his presents. Not only that but Santa seems to have a shortage of presents too! (An elf workers strike maybe?) Can you save the children from a miserable Christmas?

The game begins on the roof of Santa's house and from here you have to guide his sleigh through the sky, avoiding collision with any clouds, mountains or lightning. Every so often one of Santa's helpers will appear in the sky to drop a present, which you'll need to quickly collect. A target number on the bottom of the screen will tell you how many presents you need to collect.

Collision with the aforementioned obstacles will result in a lost present from your bag. If lightning strikes the sleigh, then you will lose an hour from your delivery time limit. If you fail to reach the target number of presents, then Santa will have no opportunity to deliver gifts to the large houses, but will instead need to drop them down the chimneys of the smaller homes. This is achieved by pressing the fire button when your sleigh is directly above the chimneys.

If you successfully collect or exceed the target number of presents you will then have an opportunity to land on the larger houses, where Santa will climb down the chimney and onto the next stage of the game. Here you will find three ladders that you must descend. Fireballs will gradually work their way up the chimney and you will have to weave in-between them by alternating across the ladders and down until you reach the fireplace. If a fireball hits Santa, then an hour will be lost and you'll have to move onto the next house.

Inside the house, the screen is divided up into rooms, some of which contain sleep-walking children that will run from one room to another. These must be avoided or once again an hour of Santa's precious time will be lost. Your main target is the Christmas tree, where your bag of presents will be emptied. To exit the house you must first collect the key before unlocking and leaving through the back door.

The game gets progressively harder once you complete your first large house delivery. From here you can expect to see lightning from the clouds and Santa's nemesis the Red Devil (!?) who will drop fake presents from the sky that deplete your bag by one. Also, the amount of fireballs in the chimneys increase in speed and numbers, along with the addition of snowballs falling from above just to make Santa's job a little harder!

Interestingly, Santa never really dies in the game but only ever loses presents or time. Once the initial five hours are up the game is over. At least this avoided cries of "Mummy I've killed Santa!" from any young children playing!

In conclusion, this game features a variety of game elements, which together form a fairly entertaining, if seasonal game. The majority of your time will be spent riding the sleigh; avoiding the obstacles and collecting dropped presents from the angels. So if this doesn't appeal then the game is best avoided. My main criticisms are the poorly represented graphics of Santa, plus the difficulty level, which rises sharply after every successful large house completed. However, the initial present target (difficulty level) can be selected at the beginning of the game from 5 up to 10.

"Ho Ho Ho!"


Try and stick to the center of the screen whilst in the sleigh, this way you'll be able to catch any presents both behind and in front of you. But as always - beware the Red Devil!

Learn the pattern of the fireballs that ascend the chimney stack and you'll know which order to avoid them in.

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Sparklers (Creative Sparks) (1985)

(Text from Rear of Cassette label):
Same as Original Version with additional text below:

Fast Loading Cassette

A History of Santa Claus and Father Christmas
(From St Nicholas to Santa Claus)

Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer
(Sing along complete with music and lyrics!)