[Atlantis Software]
Designers: Roy York & Brian Ison

(Text from Rear of Cassette label):

What a challenge! A totally automatic, high value banknote printers just waiting to be robbed. But what about the robot guards, booby traps, security passes and combination lock? - No problem for a burglar of your skill and daring - or is it?


REVIEW by AtariGrub

Hmm, the smell…the feel of freshly printed money! What could be more appealing (to a criminal) than a banknote printing factory with a safe full of banknotes, straight off the printing press? How can I get hold of this money a potential burglar may ask? Well you'll need security passes, the safe combination, plus the levels are constantly patrolled by robots and filled with booby traps. What's that? You're still interested? Well here's the chance to pull off the robbery of your career!

You start on the bottom floor of the first of ten screens, with your yellow bald headed character eager for action. To progress to the upper levels, you have to collect security passes, which are dotted around the levels and resemble the letter S. Obtaining a security pass is simply a matter of walking over it and then later touching the elevator shaft's force field control panel to deactivate the barrier. Also, along the levels are small envelopes, which need to be collected in order to obtain the complete combination for the safe on the last level.

The game can be quite hard to play as touching anything that flashes will result in a loss of one of your 5 lives. Pressing the fire button will make your character jump into the air, with the joystick used to glide him back down to safety. Robot security guards glide along each level and need to be jumped over to avoid death. This can be particularly tricky as some floor surfaces are moving walkways needing careful manoeuvring to avoid jumping over a robot and into an overhead printing press.

Animation is very limited in this game, as is variety and originality. Each screen looks very much like the last and the obvious placement of the security passes and combination envelopes leaves jumping over the robots and timing your movement under the presses as the only real challenge. That said, the game is quite hard from the beginning, but lack of any variety leaves this platform game in a vault of it's own marked "quietly forget".






Judge your jumps carefully across platforms as the collision detection isn't perfect resulting in a lost life from landing too close to the edge.
Some objects can be jumped onto to, leaving you safe from the robot guards who glide past you.

CLICK HERE to Download an Unlimited Lives file for use in the Atari 800Win Emulator.


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