[English Software]
16K Cassette/Disk
Designer: Simon Hunt

(Text from Rear of Cassette label):

In the first sequel to the top-selling DIAMONDS, Brian the Blob has stolen the GREAT DIAMOND and hidden it in the deepest vault! Only by venturing down through scrolling screens of spinechilling suspense can the GREAT DIAMOND be recovered! You need a joystick for this one!


REVIEW by Nightcrawler

For those of you who remember Diamonds [1983] (a Dig Dug clone), Dan Strikes Back is the successful follow up. Dan, of the title, has to descend through six floors of maze and mayhem to find his ultimate goal, The Great Diamond. Collecting diamonds and mushrooms as he goes to unlock each floor, Dan even has the opportunity to collect Magic Mushrooms that sprout up randomly for more points. Hot on your trail is Brian The Blob! Yes he's back and greener than ever and he's out to stop you with a host of friends that bounce in a diagonal pattern across the screen to make things harder for you. Brian, although slightly slower then Dan chases him everywhere and you can often get your comeuppance if he corners Dan, so be careful.

Level 1
Quite simple this one, collect all mushrooms to open the gates below. Be careful, as there are a couple of places that you can't climb back up again, forcing you to fall down further before ascending again via a different route.

Level 2
Watch out for the randomly opening gates. Use these to block off Brian. You only need to collect the diamonds here to open the gates to the next level.

Level 3
The Spider! You must break through several webs, which take a few seconds to tear, but stay clear of Brian who can still move through them at normal speed. Also beware the spider, as he spins webs to replace the ones you break. Collect all the mushrooms to unlock the gates to the next stage.

Level 4
You have to collect the outer diamonds first to open the centre vault, which contains the author Simon Hunt's initials and the remaining diamonds needed to descend to the next stage.

Level 5
Probably the hardest level this one. Down each side of the screen there are 5 individual diamonds that are barred by locked doors. To open these you have to first collect the two diamonds at the bottom. With this done you will now find the top two gates open. Now every diamond collected will open two more gates. However, you still need to collect all the diamonds to open the level gates at the bottom.

Level 6
The end! Collect all the mushrooms around the Great Diamond's inner chamber to unlock the bottom two gates, which will allow you entry to your prize! Collect the Great Diamond and make a dash back through the levels up to the top screen to victory.

This is easily one of my favourite games for the Atari with its irresistible desire to get the Great Diamond and escape. Good animation on the characters and reasonable music, which can be switched off to the sounds of the Nasties if desired. Like many games of it's era there is no special ending, the games monsters just get a little faster as you start all over again. However, this aside, Dan Strikes Back is a highly addictive, if occasionally frustrating challenge!

"Diamonds are Forever!"


Main Theme Tune

Lost Life Tune


Always keep one step ahead of the every pursuing Brian the Blob. On some parts of the level it is possible to lead Brian into areas that will keep him occupied for a while, such as opening/shutting gates or some un-climbable sections of platform.






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