Designer: Matt Trimby

(Text from Rear of Cassette label):
Solve the problems and collect the crystals. Fifty fiendish fatal patterns to be solved! Hours of mind and joystick bending entertainment for those who like their games to infuriate the parts other software cannot reach!


REVIEW by Phoenix Otaku

The name Crystal Raider alone is an exciting yet simple name for a game, and that's the premise of the game itself - simple yet entertaining. The first thing that strikes you about Crystal Raider is that it gives you a sense of adventure straight away. Caves, treasure, monsters! You leap around each cave collecting crystals whilst avoiding the cave denizens and trying to exit to the next cave before your oxygen runs out!

The game controls are slightly unique to Crystal Raider. Jump height is based on how much you hold the button in, and it is possible to move mid jump allowing you to time your reach of a platform or your descent.

Levels are well set out, and despite being the same cave motif the change of colour and level designs keeps it from getting monotonous. Once you pass the first cave, there are more paths open to you. You can take one route or another, with some leading to dead ends and others offering more path options.

The game can be a little hard sometimes, as timing jumps well can take a lot of practice, and some jumps are difficult to make. This gets easier over time though as once you figure out a jump then it isn't really a problem anymore. This can make the game something of a trial and error. To add more difficulty, there is an option to add "Night", which blacks out the screen, enabling you to see only the crystals and dangers, and a small area around the player.

There is also a two-player option that allows for one player to control the character's movement, whilst the other controls the character's jumping. This adds further complexity to the game, but I feel it is not really an adequate two- player option. A better one would have been to take turns completing the level or seeing how far each player can get.

The sound does not distract you too much from the main game, although the jumping sound can get a little tedious after a while. I do feel that background music may have added to the feel of it. Otherwise, the sound isn't too shabby.

To summarise, the game is a fairly good design, although a little difficult. I think because of its difficulty it wouldn't have great re-playability, probably just relief that you've finally finished the game!

"Rough Diamond"



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