Designer: Nalin Sharma
Adapted by: James Software Ltd


REVIEW by Phoenix Otaku

The idea of this game sounds a little unusual at first - use your magic to turn the sticks blue and make them collapse on top of one another. But it's usually the most unusual games that surprise you in the best way.

Though Collapse looks a little confusing at first, it's actually a pretty nifty strategy/action game. The main character, Zen, must paint the grey sticks blue, and make them all collapse by pushing them into a chain reaction, so they hit each other. This can be aided by adding bridges and walls to connect the reaction. In the meantime, monsters are loose to stop you.

There are rules and restrictions to the game that add to its uniqueness. Your character can paint the grey sticks blue without magic, but needs to use magic (by use of the fire button) to walk without bridges, and to create bridges to reach the sticks. You are constantly switching between magic and non-magic Zen, figuring out where to put bridges and walls to time the collapse, and avoiding the monsters.

Difficulty increases each level, and there are a number of "sectors" that can be chosen before you play. The game isn't entirely difficult, and there are a number of ways to play. The monsters taking away 100 units of time instead of killing the player outright is a nice touch, as well as gaining time for defeating them. This makes them an integral part of the game, so that the player is equally avoiding them or attempting to capture them.

Collapse has good multiplayer potential! Up to four players can play, taking it in turns to see how far they can get. As soon as one player loses a life, play goes to the next player, who continues from the level they were on. This may lead to lengthy play with players waiting a while for their turn, as the game isn't too difficult on the first few levels.

There is quite a bit of replay value in Collapse as it's a fun game to come back to occasionally. Also there is the factor of trying to beat your old score or a friend's high score. There is also another good challenge in the game - trying to collapse all the sticks in one go! Apparently this is possible in every single level, and adds another element to the game, and many replays!

Sound wise, there is no music, and sound isn't too bad. The noise when jumping indicates height with a higher pitch, a pulsating sound when the diamond appears (extra time bonus), and the noise of the sticks collapsing are simple but effective, although some sounds can get a little annoying after a while.

Overall Collapse is a great strategy/action game for solo play or with others that keeps you on your toes!



CLICK HERE to Download an Unlimited Lives file for use in the Atari 800Win Emulator.

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