Designer: Frank Cohen


REVIEW by Nightcrawler

You play Allen, the nephew of a boss at the brightly and badly coloured Cohen Towers. Your job as a mail trainee is to collect all the mail packages and deliver them to the mail drops. Sounds simple enough.

To aid you there are various lifts, which constantly ascend or descend the building, but you have to time a jump just right to land on them. If you stay on the lift for too long a pot plant falls on your head and sends you spinning, not to your death, but to the bottom of the building with a sore head and a nice demerit.

To hinder you there is a dog that comes out of random doors snapping at your heels. Luckily he can be jumped over or you'll gain another demerit! Also if you hang around to long on a particular platform, the boss appears and if he catches you then, yep you guessed it, another demerit. One other problem is that Allen does seem to have a rather gammy leg (maybe its all that jumping).

Every so often, once you've dropped off a package one of two things occur on the level above you. The first is a secretary who comes out of a doorway in a yellow dress (along with her own theme tune) and if you kiss her you are awarded 600 points! The other doorway appearance is of a guy dressed in green (apparently a corporate spy) looking not unlike a zombie (maybe your predecessor?). Touch him to retrieve a package and get 400 points. Get all packages dropped to complete the level and you get…700 points and a thank you from the boss. Then on to the next badly coloured level.

As well as being very badly coloured the game is far too slow and those jumps have to be timed so accurately that it's just plain stupid. Too hard by far and the little dog is just annoying. After completing the first tower the second one looks near enough the same except with one less Mail Drop and the dog gets faster. Did I also mention it's badly coloured? If you get four demerits then its game over and every time you loose one demerit you start right back down the bottom of the tower. The music is not too bad, mainly because it only comes on when an event happens such as the dog appearing, but some of it does remind me of the circus.

To the side of the screen there appear to be lifts for no reason, but if you look carefully you will find there are bonus points of 50 in-between each lift. There is also a key to collect on level one but who knows what that's for?!


"Demerit, Demerit, Demoralising"




When using the side elevators, try to jump off every second floor to avoid the falling potplants.


Allen (The Hero)

The Boss
Fear (Boss's Dog)
Corporate Spy

Title Music
New Game
End of Life

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Further Information:

Frank Cohen was also the programmer behind other Atari 8-bit platform games including Beer Belly Burt's Brew Biz and Ollie's Follies.

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