Designers: Unknown

(Text from Rear of Cassette label):
Skilfully guide your action bike around the building site, fairground and lake searching for accessories to improve performance. Can you qualify for the drag race!!!


REVIEW by AtariGrub

ACTION BIKER is a motor cycle riding game based on the animated character Clumsy Colin, who was seen on UK TV screens in the 1980's advertising KP Skips crisps (or potato chips as they're known in the US). The ultimate goal of the game is to compete in a drag race, but a number of items must be collected along the way. There are 40 items to find in all, including accessories which improve your bikes performance, such as the Turbo Charger (increasing your bike's acceleration) and Water Skis, which allow you to ride over the lake and pond areas of the map.

Controls are simple - steer left and right, forward to accelerate and pull back to brake. The fire button is used to change gear (once the Gearbox accessory has been found) and the only other control you'll use is the ESCape key, which switches off the never ending theme tune.

After each item is collected the next object materializes in a specific location. Sometimes the item is easy to obtain, particularly early on in the game. However, some later objects are located high on narrow platforms or amongst trees and other obstacles. A time-based score bonus ticks down from 7000, giving you more incentive to find the next item as quickly as possible. You start with 5 lives, but lose a life if you crash into any obstacles, run out of fuel or the bonus reaches zero.

This is quite a skilful game requiring careful joystick control to reach some items, but the constantly decreasing time-bonus and depleting fuel level make this game a challenging experience.




The following Objects increase your bikes capabilities:

Gearbox - Bike can use Lower Gear to improve acceleration
Large Fuel Tank - Allows bike to go further between refuelling stops
Fairing - Gives bike a greater maximum speed
Power Brakes - Gives bike improved braking
Turbo-Charge - Increases bike's acceleration
Water Skis - Allows bike to move over lake and pond

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